Safety Rules:

  • No taxiing or flying in the pit area at any time.
  • No taxiing to the flight line when there are people at the flight line.
  • No taxiing to the pit area when others are in the pit area.
  • While flying you must stand 3m (10 feet) back from the runway.
  • Call out your take off and landing when others are on the flight line.
  • No congregating at the flight line. Only the person flying and their spotter are permitted at the flight line.
  • No 3D flying over the runway when others flying at the same time. All 3D flying to be done past the runway in this case.
  • No leaving your models at the flight line. This poses a tripping hazards for those flying.
  • Fly within the designated flight area as per MAP. No flying on the pilot side of the runway for any reason, especially on landings.
  • No flying in hovering area. This area is restricted to hovering below 6m (20 feet).
  • Absolutely no flying when there are farm workers on the field (i.e.cutting hay).
  • All models MUST have throttle failsafe enabled.

Other Rules

  • No flying before 10am. This means all models whether they are glow, gas, or electric, or hand toss. This is an arrangement we have made with the land owner.
  • No flying higher than 120m (400 feet)
  • Use the wheel to display your membership card. It is also used to determine flight rotation to keep it fair to others. If people would like to fly together (encouraged), just put your cards in the same slot and go to the flight line together.
  • If you are not flying and want to skip a rotation, take your membership card down so others do not have to come and find you when your turn is up.
  • Noise level are strictly enforced. You model must be below 95dB at 3m. We have sound pressure meters at the field if you want to check you model.
  • MAAC stickers must be display on all your models.
  • If your MAAC profile indicates you are a student pilot for a discipline, you must not fly without and examiner present. Contact and examiner if you wish to be promoted to a pilot for that discipline.
  • No guests allowed. However, we can make exceptions for out-of-town guests if arrangements are made prior to their arrival.
  • No sharing membership cards and/or key. This is grounds for immediate removal from the club.

Common Courtesy Rules

  • No running up or breaking in engines in the pit area for long periods of time. If you would like to break in an engine, please take it to the other side of the container to reduce noise levels for your fellow members.
  • Keep flight times to under 10 minutes when the site is busy.
  • Please take all garbage home with you. 
  • Do not drop off old model parts in the hope the someone will take them home. If you want to give stuff away take it home with you at the end of the day.
  • Drive into the site slowly. This keeps dust down for our neighbors and helps stop wash boarding of the roadway.
  • Do not park at the tables in the pit area if you have no intent on flying. Park off to the side